The Lemon Egg Nursery



This is such a brilliant thing to try!!

Grow your own lemon tree…

…in an egg!!




  1. Very VERY carefully take the outer ‘shell’ off at least 6 lemon pips
  2. Wrap them gently in kitchen roll or toilet paper
  3. Put in a jar
  4. Pour on a few tablespoons of water to wet the paper
  5. Put the jar in a plastic bag and keep in a shady, cool place for 10 days
  6. Your pips should start to sprout…..🤗


  1. Gently tap the top of an egg and remove pieces of shell
  2. Tip the insides out (and bake a cake?)
  3. Put the egg shell back in the box and repeat for the other 5 eggs
  4. Use a skewer to gently poke a drainage hole in the bottom of each egg
  5. Fill with compost and plant your sprouting pips!!


There’s a great video on Youtube of a Greek man doing this. It’s such a satisfying thing to do and requires patience and a steady hand!!!

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