Willow Tea


Willow Tea is a home-made rooting solution for cuttings.

Spring is a great time to pick willow twigs.

Keeps for 2 months in the fridge.



  1. Pick a handful of new, green willow twigs in spring*
  2. Strip off the leaves
  3. Chop the twigs into 2cm pieces
  4. Fill a large jar/jug with 1/3 willow pieces
  5. Top up with 2/3 boiling water
  6. Leave on a sunny window sill for 3 days
  7. Strain the Willow Tea and store in a jar/bottle
  8. Soak fresh cuttings overnight in Willow Tea before planting

New willow twigs are packed with Indolebutyric acid which enhances root growth and Salicylic acid which fights bacterial and fungal infections. 

*If you are harvesting from a tree later in the year, choose the end shoots.


I put cuttings of 2 different types of mint plant in Willow Tea and water to see the difference. Results to follow…watch this space!


Willow Tea v Water

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