Take a Leek



Leeks are SUCH fun to plant!

Just get yourself a dibber…

And a leek-ling..



  1. Make a hole in the ground using a ‘dibber’ 
  2. Put the leek-ling in the hole
  3. Fill hole with water
  4. That’s it!


  1. Leeks have been cultivated since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and were probably part of the diet of those who built the pyramids
  2. The Romans brought leeks to the UK because it grows well in our colder climate
  3. Leeks were prized by the ancient Greeks and Romans especially for their beneficial effect upon the throat. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, believed the clear song of the partridge was down to a diet of leeks and Nero, the Roman emperor, ate leeks everyday because he thought it would improve his singing voice!
  4. Legend has it that in 640AD, the Briton King Cadwallader and his men were fighting the invading Saxons. To distinguish themselves from the enemy, the Welsh wore leeks in their hats – and subsequently gained a great victory over their opponents
  5. Girls who sleep with a leek under their pillow on St David’s Day will see their future husband in their dreams!

Taken from British Leeks

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