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So. This is Stoots. Welcome!

Now you can eat tasty food, save the piglets and the planet and be healthy, all in one scrumptious go!

Maybe you are concerned about your health and the environment and would like to eat less meat? But vegan foods in the supermarkets are a bit uninspiring right? And could you really give up cheese?? Surely there must be fresher, tastier, healthier options…

So that’s why – undeterred by being neither a chef nor a vegan (!) – I started creating fresh Stoots plant-based foods in my kitchen in York.

Stoots Bangers were our first creation, starting with Ivar (the boneless) and his sister Red Helga (with a nod to Spanish chorizo). Both are 100% plant-based and gluten-free with edible plant-based skins.

Next came Stoots Dippit cheeses – spreadable, toastable and dipable – made using organic nut pastes fermented with probiotics (so yes, they ARE a cheese!) so that means no lactose, no cholesterol, no saturated fats and simply brilliant for your gut!

We have lots more exciting products in development including the Stoots Herb Wall and Granny Stoots Bakes!

Thank you for visiting us. Keep watching and spread 🌱plant-based🌱 love!❤️

Kath Cox

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‘It’s time to ask ourselves: if it is now possible to live a life that involves delicious food and drink, delivers better health, leaves a smaller carbon footprint and avoids killing other creatures – then why don’t we?’