Eat shoots and leaves

Garden Cress


Turns out cress is mustard 🀩


This fast-growing superfood is packed with vitamins and antioxidants

Read all about it!Β 


  1. Scatter seeds on a damp surface – tissue, cotton wool, cleansing pad, paper towel…
  2. Keep damp
  3. Harvest in about 7 days!



Coffee House 🏠



Save waste coffee and the bag

Give seedlings a cosy coffee house 🌱🏠



  1. Put cold waste coffee back in the bag
  2. Put drainage holes in the bottom
  3. Pop in seeds (I used sunflowers)
  4. Keep warm & damp
  5. Plant sunflower out when it’s bigger

A cosy home for cress seeds

Bathroom Mushroom

Fungi from a loo roll


Just HAD to give this a try!

Growing mushrooms in a toilet roll???

Bonkers. Completely bonkers!



  1. Order fungal spores* online
  2. Soak a toilet roll with boiling water
  3. When cool, remove cardboard centre & fill with 50g-100g spores
  4. Cover with a plastic bag & leave in the airing cupboard for 2 weeks
  5. SHOCK it into ‘life’ by removing the bag & leaving in a light airy place
  6. Your mushrooms will appear within days!!

Download more detailed instructions from Mushroom Box

*Blue/grey oyster are recommended for beginners





Each free pack contains 6 radish seeds.

Relish ravishing radishes!



  1. Fill old packaging with soil/compost
  2. Plant seeds 1cm deep and 3cm apart
  3. Keep warm and moist
  4. Harvest in just 4 weeks
  5. Relish your radishes

For more radishy info go to RHS

Grow radishes

Tea Pea πŸŒ±β›ΊοΈ



Running out of compost?

Start peas in a tea bag!

The perfect pea starter home




  1. Snip top off a used tea bag
  2. Pop in dried peas
  3. Keep moist
  4. Plant out when big enough

Root Shoots



Remember Carrot Tops?

Don’t stop there!!!

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 16.18.24


  1. Slice the top off any root vegetable
  2. Put on a saucer of water
  3. Keep wet and watch it grrroooowwww🌱

Free Thyme



We all have lots of free thyme…

Lol πŸ˜‰

Take thyme for someone you love.



  1. You COULD grow from a seed…
  2. …but easier to separate a bigger plant into plantlets
  3. Fabulous herb – hardy, evergreen and versatile

Parsley (the Lion herb)



Parsley the Lion a blast from the past 🦁

Turn ONE parsley pot from the supermarket into TEN

Have free, unlimited parsley all year long 🌱




  1. Carefully divide up a pot of supermarket parsley
  2. Put plantlets into new pots (they like ice-cream)
  3. Cut stems from base of plant – it will grow back bushier


On your marks. Get set. πŸ§…

Get set. Onion.


On your marks. Get set. Onion.

Plant super-cute onion-lets πŸ§…in April and watch them grow……




  1. Prepare a lovely flat bed
  2. Plant onions sets 10cm apart in rows 30cm apart
    • Leave tips showing and protect from 🐦
    • OR cover with 2cm soil
  3. Water well
  4. Harvest in autumn when leaves go brown

For better instructions than mine (!) go to Gardeners’ World

The Choc Garden



Tunnocks have stopped production for a bit (due to that pesky virus) πŸ˜”

But don’t worry – just grow-your-own in a Choc Garden!

πŸ˜‹ 🌱🍫


  1. Plant Tunnocks teacakes and caramel wafers directly into the ground approximately 5cm apart
  2. They grow a bit like onion sets, so leave the top half above ground
  3. Water regularly with Scotch Malt Whisky (we use Glenfiddich but other brands are available)
  4. Harvest April – September on a moonlit night


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