The Deliciously Edible Herb Wall

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We pick fresh herbs and flowers from the living wall in our back yard and we’re sharing oodles of imaginative ideas for sprinkling herbs and edible flowers into snacks, meals and drinks!

Join Ivar the boneless for a deliciously naughty brunch classic, topped with crispy fried sage.


Stoots Kitchen is OPEN! ❤️🌱🥂

What a fabulous day Bank Holiday Monday was!

Stoots Kitchen was formally opened in glorious Yorkshire sunshine by The Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Janet Looker. The event was covered by Yorkmix and my huge thanks to everyone who came along, supported us and scoffed all of Granny Stoots’ Bakes!

The barrel of beer from Yorkshire Heart has been drained, debris has been cleared away and now it’s down to business 👍

Watch Ivar (the boneless) being made in Stoots Kitchen.

Stoots Kitchen: the grand unveiling

What do the Lord Mayor of York, vegan royalty and a pile of bangers have in common? They’ll all be at 9 Cherry Street on Bank Holiday Monday for the launch of Stoots Kitchen

Stoots HQ has been a hotbed of activity over the last few months.

If you have plans for the Bank Holiday, it’s not too late to change them, because it’s all been leading up to the official launch of Stoots Kitchen on Bank Holiday Monday – 26th August – at 9 Cherry Street, York. 

So what does the launch of Stoots mean for you? Why should you attend? Will there be alcohol? Read on and find out!

What is going on?

If you’ve not been paying attention to the word on the street in York recently, you may be forgiven for thinking all the main gossip is either about cricket or Sir David Attenborough’s campaign for the Askham peat bogs. In fact, the word on the street has been distilled down to quite literally one single word: Stoots.

Our launch event marks our explosion onto the national stage! Up to now only a select few locations have played host to our range of Bangers and Dippits Cheese. But it’s time to take our plant-based, gluten-free, flexitarian message to the next level!

To celebrate, we are throwing a party and hope you will join us! You can expect:

  • The Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Janet Looker, officially cutting the Stoots Kitchen ribbon;
  • A chance to try the full range of Stoots products with a glass of fizz in the lovely environs of our edible living wall;
  • Businesses, press and all-round plant-based enthusiasts gathering to discuss the scene in York and beyond;
  • Heated debate on everything from why a banger would be called Boris to what on earth is a sausage anyway????

Where is it happening?

9 Cherry Street, York, YO23 1AP. Click here for the Google Maps reference

When is the event?

The grand ribbon cutting is at 1pm, but please join us from 12 noon for a drink. Conveniently timed and located so you can get a glimpse of the Micklegate Run first.

How can I get in?

Because it is probably the smallest venue in York, spaces at the Stoots Kitchen launch are unfortunately limited. So register now to make sure you don’t miss out!

If you can’t make the event, don’t worry. We have lots more in the pipeline. And if you’re interested in placing an order/finding out more/having a chat you can contact us any time, or find Stoots stock at The Good Food Shop on Bishopthorpe Road.

Please remember to register on Eventbrite

We hope to see you there!

Hello :)

I’ve beavered away in the kitchen for several weeks, spent a small fortune on raw material, burnt out 2 blenders, bought (and become) a sausage-stuffer, force-fed friends, dragged neighbours in off the street and made a good start on the website, so this is me, setting out my virtual stall to display my edible wares!