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Eat shoots and leaves

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Hanging Garden – Week 6



Make your own Hanging Garden !! β€οΈπŸŒ±πŸ…



Bird’s Eye Chillis



Recycle the cardboard tube in a roll of foil or cling film to make these cute little pots for your chilli plants!


Slug Sludge

Slug Paste 1

🐌 + 🌱 = 😱

You need some Slug Sludge!!

Organic and easy to make from kitchen waste.


  1. Put 6 eggshells and 2tbsp coffee grounds (used, not fresh) into a blender
  2. Add about 1/4 mug cold water
  3. Whizz up
  4. Swirl it around and pour into a bowl
  5. Spoon it around the based of your delicate plants, seedlings and flowers – slugs and snails don’t like spiky, tough or strong

Pea Sticks



This is the follow up to Peas Please which tells you how to germinate supermarket dried peas.

This amazing time-lapse shows how peas love to climb!

Pick up sticks on your next daily walk and make a frame for your peas to climb up, along, around & about.

Join us on facebook and post photos!

Garlic Better

IMG_7838I planted these garlic cloves (Aldi I think?) on 24th March and they are already sprouting.

Plant them in borders or in pots, they won’t take up much room.


  1. Separate a garlic bulb into individual cloves
  2. Plant in soil/compost with the ‘pointy end’ up
  3. Keep the pot in a warm place and keep the soil moist
  4. Plant outside in a pot or border
  5. Harvest in July or when the leaves wither and die
  6. Make garlic butter for garlic bread πŸ˜‹

The Stoots Herb Wall

A herb for all seasons!

Learn how to grow a vertical herb wall, just like the one in Stoots Kitchen, for a supply of herbs and edible flowers all year round.

Fully irrigated, with just two plant refreshesΒ at the end of Autumn and in the Spring, this is the EASIEST way to grow and use herbs and edible flowers.

The plants we recommend are easy to grow, look beautiful, smell incredible and attract bees and butterflies. We have even developed a strategic planting scheme that slugs will hate!!

Once your Herb Wall is underway, we’ve got lots of super easy recipes to inspire you, all with a target of under 2 minutes preparation time!!!

Recipes by meal

Recipes by herb

Once you get started, you’ll love getting into the habit of nipping out to your wall every time you cook a meal – as well as having a big impact on taste, it really will impress friends and family! πŸ˜‰

Of course you could just buy the herbs and follow the recipes anyway! Try Herbs Unlimited for herbs and flowers by post.

To find out more, join our mailing list and develop your own Stoots Herb Wall 🌱❀️


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Nutrition and ingredients

IVAR (the boneless)

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Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 12.30.14




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